Care Services

Low Dependency:

This category refers to people who need some support in the community and the more independent Residents in residential accommodation who require little nursing care. They are usually independently mobile but may use a walking stick and have difficulty managing stairs.

Medium Dependency:

Person whose independence is impaired to the extent that he/she requires Residential care because the appropriate support and nursing care required by the person cannot be provided by the community. Mobility is impaired to the extent that the person requires supervision or a walking aid.

High Dependency:

Independence is impaired to the extent that the person requires Residential care but is not bed bound. The person may have a combination of physical and mental disabilities, may be confused at times and be incontinent. He/she may require a walking aid and physical assistance to walk.

Maximum Dependency:

Person whose independence is impaired to the extent that he/she requires nursing care. The person is likely to be bed bound, requires assistance with all aspects of physical care and may be ambulant but confused, disturbed and incontinent.

Source: Annual Survey of Long Stay Units (Department of Health and Children, 2006)

Admission Criteria: Admissions to St Theresa’s Nursing Home are arranged by appointment following a pre-admission assessment of your needs. This is to ensure that we have all the necessary equipment, knowledge and competency to meet your care needs. We understand that in exceptional cases, where there is no alternative available, emergency admissions are necessary to promote the safety of the Resident. In this instance the following procedure applies:

  • The Resident shall be admitted and a full nursing assessment shall be completed.

  • The Residents GP shall be informed of the admission and request for an immediate review. If the Residents GP is not available e.g. at a weekend or after 6pm Shannon doc will be contacted.

  • All details pertaining to the Resident and their needs will be obtained from the Resident themselves and their next of kin/significant other.

  • A plan of care will be put in place with the GP/Nurse in charge/Resident/Next of kin to ensure the best care for the Resident based on their own individual needs is put into practice.

Care plan:

Your care plan will be developed with your participation within 48 hours of admission. This will be individualised to set out your personal care needs and will provide direction to staff members caring for you. A review of your care plan will be prompted following your feedback, any changes in your personal needs/ circumstances and will be updated no less frequently than at monthly intervals. To ensure we have your full participation in this process we will communicate to you when a review is required and will then set a mutually convenient time to complete the review process.