Occupancy/ Resident profile: (Residents)

The Registered Service Provider and the Person in Charge of St Theresa’s ensures that the maximum number of Residents cared for in the Nursing Home, and the maximum number of Residents to be accommodated in the Nursing Home does not exceed the number of 40 Residents for which St Theresa’s is registered with the Health Information and Quality Authority.

St Theresa’s Nursing Home offers 24 hour Nursing care for both male and female Residents over the age of 18 years who may require care for conditions such as but not exclusive to Long term Residential Care, Short-term Respite Care, Palliative Care, Physical Disability, Dementia Care, Post-Surgery, i.e. those in need of admission to a Nursing Home for their individual care needs to be met for either physical or social reasons.

St Theresa’s Nursing Home is not an acute unit and where Residents are deemed beyond our scope of care, they are transferred to an appropriate unit or hospital as agreed by the Resident/Next of Kin and their Doctor.

A Day-Care facility is also available for those who wish to avail of such a service. Their physical and social needs can be catered for as outlined by them as with our long stay Residents. Each Day-Care person will be allocated a room to use during their day with us and hence our numbers will remain within the agreed maximum of 40 Residents for the Nursing Home as outlined with HIQA at Registration. Staffing levels are adjusted accordingly to cater for day care Residents needs.

October 24, 2018

The Heaney family were lucky to have two brothers looked after by the wonderful staff at St. Theresa’s Nursing Home, Kilrush. Peter spent many happy years in the care of Yvonne and all the staff, and was thrilled to call St. Theresa’s home. Willie spent his last few weeks in the care of the staff who tended to all of his needs, maintaining his dignity and always with a smile and an encouraging word. The holistic approach to care in St. Theresa’s included all members of the family and we could not be more grateful to all there.
Wishing all at St. Theresa’s all the very best and continued success in the future. N.F.

Pets: Elsa

Part of our family in St Theresa’s is Elsa our little terrier who was born in St Theresa’s on May 4th 2015. She is part of the family and will greet you when you come in to visit. She is very protective of her family and will check the building to make sure everyone is well and happy and will visit if you wish in your room! We also encourage family to let you visit with your own pet if it’s possible, just inform the Nurse on duty first so Elsa doesn’t get jealous!!!