Philosophy Of Care

The Service Provider and General Manager, Nora Grogan, with her daughter Yvonne Grogan Moroney the Director of Nursing / Person in Charge, is committed to ensuring that the highest possible standards of care are facilitated for residents at St Theresa’s Nursing Home.  They will ensure this by the adhering to the ‘Code of Practice for Nursing Homes’ guide, [1995] and the ‘Nursing Homes, [Care and Welfare] Regulations, [1993] and now the more recent introduction of the Health Act 2007 incorporating the Standards of Care by HIQA as of 2009 & 2016 when passed in law.

More specifically, the Service Provider and the Person in Charge with all staff, are dedicated to

  • Encouraging and supporting Residents to remain as ‘independent’ as possible, for as long as possible. Continuing to ensure that the personal choices of individual Residents are maintained, e.g. food preference, bed & meal times, clothing

  • Providing a Nursing Home environment that replicates their home environment, as closely as possible. Residents are encouraged to bring in their own ‘mementos’ from home to make their room more ‘homely’.  The general nature of the home aimed at achieving a friendly environment that encourages visitors and offering fresh food that is ‘home-baked/cooked within the home.

  • Respecting the individual ‘rights’ of the Residents.

  • Preserving the Residents’ dignity is paramount. The ‘talents, sensitivities and beliefs’ of each Resident will be respected.

  • Providing for religious and cultural observances, e.g. organised religious services and the Priest/Vicar to attend, as appropriate and at the request of a Resident.

  • Encouraging Residents to ‘mix’ with other Residents at meal times, day room and other activities. At the same time, the privacy of each Resident is to be respected at all times

  • Allowing Residents, who are competent to judge risk for themselves, to take ‘responsible risks’ and be free to make the associated decisions surrounding it, so long as it does not threaten the safety of other Residents, staff or visitors.

St Theresa’s Nursing Home will ensure that the following is provided for all Residents:

  • Suitable and sufficient care to maintain the Resident’s welfare and well-being, having regard to the nature and extent of the Resident’s dependency

  • A high standard of nursing care

  • Appropriate medical care by the Resident’s own GP

  • Facilities for the occupation and recreation of persons

  • Opportunities to participate in activities appropriate to his/her own interests and capacities

  • Freedom to exercise choice to the extent that such freedom does not infringe on the rights of other people, i.e. other Residents, staff or visitors

  • Privacy, so that the Resident is able to undertake personal activities in private

  • Information concerning current affairs, local matters, voluntary groups, community resources and events. Examples include information regarding voting in various Elections and Referenda, Euro changeover, Social Welfare and/or services as required

  • Adequate arrangements to facilitate the resident’s practice of his/her religion. As the majority of our Residents are Roman Catholic, Mass is organised on a weekly basis; with a communion service on Sunday; Anointing ministered monthly.  Where a resident is a member of an alternative church, every effort will be made to facilitate his/her opportunity to attend services and Ministers of his/her church will be welcome to visit the Resident, if requested.

As well as:

  • Facilities to encourage Residents to maintain contact with people of their choice. This is done by welcoming visitors to the Nursing Home; Provision of a Public Telephone for Residents use, and Posting any mail for them. Email and Skype facilities are also available for the Resident

  • Visiting hours to St Theresa’s Nursing Home are adequate to allow family, relatives and friends to visit. As a general guide, the visiting hours are between 10am – 9pm.  These hours are only a guide and are flexible, in specific cases. No visiting at mealtimes unless previously arranged with Nursing Home as this time allows the Residents to have a non-interrupted meal time. Where a Resident requires assistance with their meals family members are most welcome to assist if they wish to do so.

  • Adequate care for the dying with application of a Palliative Care holistic ethos.

  • Arrangements for the removal of the remains of deceased Residents, with the utmost respect of the deceased being paramount.