October 24, 2018

Dear Nora, Hope you and your staff are well. I want to express my sincere gratitude for your exemplary, on-going care of my relative. He is extremely happy and contented with his life in St Theresa’s, which is a joy to see as he advances in age. Your on-going liaison with his local GP/Pharmacy is excellent and you have made nursing home care very stress free for all our family.

Communication between staff and next-of-kin is outstanding and one of the very positive aspects of my visits to St Theresa’s over the years has been the warm welcome and cup of tea I enjoy with my relative. The safety and security aspect of nursing home care for my relative cannot be overstated and affords great peace of mind to my family. He enjoys your weekly activities and mass schedules, the cuisine and the congenial atmosphere which is a constant in St Theresa’s.

Continued success to you all. Kind Regards, D.P.